2015: The year the consumer found another way

BY: JACO PIENAAR It seems for every two steps forward, the media landscape in South Africa has taken one step back in 2015. From an increase in the number of local paywalls and the elimination of many comment sections on news sites, to the #feesmustfall and freedom of information movements, this was quite an eventful […]

Crisis management in the digital world

BY: JACO PIENAAR Wether you are reading about the Volkswagen emissions scandal, #[insertgrievancehere]mustfall, or another link bait headline by Donald Trump, it becomes clear that crisis communication has changed irrevocably in the age of digital. Brands (whether personal or at an organisational level) are operating in an environment where reputations are fragile and loyalty is […]

The impact of data

BY: JACO PIENAAR | 9 MAR 2015 15:00 Mark Twain might have said that you get lies, damned lies, and statistics, but the new information age means more journalists are writing articles based on data than ever. In fact, data-driven journalism has been steadily building momentum since the 2010s and has become a force to […]

Embracing customer service in the digital world

Customer service. Two words that strike fear in many companies more than load shedding, hostile takeovers, and rising costs. Customer service requires time and resources to be effective. Put the immediacy of social networking into the mix and you have something few businesses know how to manage. Read more here.

What to expect from 2015

Business has now resumed at its normal frenetic pace and thoughts have turned to how the local media landscape will change in 2015. But with print still very much alive, social media being embraced, and technology becoming part and parcel of ordinary life, is there still something to be excited about? Read more here.

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