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New online AVE methodology launched in SA

In a move designed to reflect the growing importance of the digital landscape and provide its clients with a unique monitoring differentiator, Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) has introduced a new online advertising value equivalency (AVE) methodology. Designed and mathematically modelled by PEAR CIO, Charl Nel, the new methodology not only looks at, as is […]

Making sense of data in communication

BY: JACO PIENAAR Every company, irrespective of size, industry, and geographic location, needs data to remain competitive. But given the amount of sources at our disposal, finding relevance in a sea of bits and bytes is not without its challenges. Fortunately, analytical and business intelligence (BI) tools have evolved to provide some of the assistance […]

2015: The year the consumer found another way

BY: JACO PIENAAR It seems for every two steps forward, the media landscape in South Africa has taken one step back in 2015. From an increase in the number of local paywalls and the elimination of many comment sections on news sites, to the #feesmustfall and freedom of information movements, this was quite an eventful […]

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