About Us

Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) is a media monitoring, research, and an analysis company that strives to work together with media clients who understand the value and worth of their brand presence.

Whether for a company, small business, individuals or sponsored events- PEAR works closely with each customer to track and monitor the current perceptions and position of your brand in the South African media landscape. All with the aim to move you forward.

PEAR does this through:

  • Reasonable rates with no hidden costs
  • High levels of customer service
  • Face to face Interaction
  • Strong customer driven values
  • High levels of technological development and innovation
  • Constantly developed and academically and practically tested methodologies
  • Adhering to deadlines and customer requirements
  • Quality of work
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Recognising excellence


PEAR strives to leave a positive and uplifting impact in our clients’ lives by producing high quality products and tools that can enhance projects, and meet the highest standard for your business. We are dedicated to building our business by fostering healthy and productive working relationships while uplifting the communities we work in to cement a sustainable future in the media monitoring, analysis, and research environment. 


Pear is:


  • We tell the truth even it is not pleasant 


  • We do our jobs through dedication and will to reach our goals, deadlines and targets 

Customer driven

  • We listen to our clients and always do our best to service them and meet their needs 


  • We constantly push our own boundaries as an industry leader by introducing new and exciting products to the market. 


  • We support, trust, and care for each other and help each other to learn from challenges we encounter so as not repeat them; and we acknowledge excellence in each other.

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