Measuring AVE of social media postings

Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR), a South African-based media monitoring, research, and analysis organisation, has created an innovative way of measuring the value of social media postings, similar to the advertising value equivalent (AVE) metric used by agencies across the world, but built on a unique methodology specifically geared for social media. Using mathematically sound […]

The value of data for media analysis

Data has become a critical element for the growth of the digital society. And while its importance transcends industries, it is especially in media analysis where it has enabled brands, agencies, and journalists to become more effective. As a result of the globalised environment, consumers of information are not limited to a few sources of […]

PEAR Content launches

In a move designed to further diversify its product offering, Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) has launched its Content division providing customers across industries with content development and strategic communication services. ‚ÄúPEAR has built an enviable reputation as one of the market leaders in media analysis and research. It therefore made sense to introduce a […]

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